Exclusive Premiere: West Coast Massive – ‘Until We Die Young’West Coast Massive Until We Die Young

Exclusive Premiere: West Coast Massive – ‘Until We Die Young’

Alex Bandes & Steven Girardi of West Coast Massive met at a college party in Virginia during the Spring of 2015. After knowing each other for just a week, they decided to move in together for the summer and spend all their time producing music. It’s a good thing that they did: ‘Until We Die Young’ marks the 4th single release from the LA-based duo, and is a sign of more to come.

Alex and Steven also gave Dancing Astronaut a deeper look at the track from the producers’ point of view:

“We walked into our session off Melrose avenue in Los Angeles with Dia Frampton and Scott Effman and started talking about the summer. It’s hard to forget the weekends that we spent in New York City visiting friends and getting into trouble. The city has such a majestic allure that causes you to think big and daydream which is what we decided to write the song about.

Steven played a chord progression on the piano that was influenced a lot by deadmau5 which gives it a melancholy beauty. From there we wrote the song over the chords and tried to truly capture the time we spent bonding together and exploring. We layered different textures, synths, and instruments to achieve this rock/electronic feel.

Whenever we start a song, we don’t really know where it’s going to end up. Sometimes we get something really cool and other times we have to start fresh and try something new. After the first round of production we thought we didn’t want to release the song because we weren’t sure how it would be received. A few months later we opened up the session files to see if we could freshen up the production. Once we played this new version in meetings and saw the reactions we knew we had to put it out.”

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