Madeaux radiates ‘cold heat’ through new album, ‘Burn’Madeau Burn 1

Madeaux radiates ‘cold heat’ through new album, ‘Burn’

After over two years of ardent, meticulous polishing, Andrew Berman, otherwise known as Madeaux, has shared his impassioned 12-part album, Burn, out via Fool’s Gold Records.

The 25-year-old LA-based producer has been slowly pulling back the curtain on the dark, transcendent project for months. In addition to a slew of shadowy video fragments featuring Madeaux himself, the producer also solidified the dark, animal-like nature of Burn in recent months with the release of tracks like “Run With It” and “Sweat.”

Madeaux says his stylistic intentions with Burn were to create a sense of “cold heat,” in hopes of putting listeners in touch with their sexual and physical selves.

“This album is about transformation,” Madeaux says. “To go through the fire, and see who comes out on the other side.”

Aesthetically, Burn creates a high-momentum, industrial soundscape with hip-hop and r&b elements permeating through pummeling four-by-four and breaking house beats. Songs like “Lights Low,” featuring OG Marco, ALGORY, and JRich ENT, encapsulate Madeaux’s ability to seamlessly meld erotic r&b vocals with head-splitting bass. While, somewhat conversely, “The Wave,” featuring Brux, released ahead of the album in mid-February, serves, as the name suggests, as testament to the buoyant, unfettered style that has taken house music for ransom as of late.


Photo Credit: Nico and Bryan Rivera

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