tyDi & Christopher Tin – Gold Blooded ft DYSONTydi

tyDi & Christopher Tin – Gold Blooded ft DYSON

Beginning with dramatic, unwavering instrumentation that slowly builds into a blend of melodic electronic sounds,”Gold Blooded” is carefully crafted to give listeners a suspenseful climactic experience. tyDi and Christopher Tin have teamed up with DYSON to produce the brilliant original featuring dynamic vocals, intriguing rhythmic patterns, and captivating excerpts of synth.

“Gold Blooded” flaunts tyDi and Christopher Tin’s mastery of technique, and it comes as no surprise that both acclaimed artists were able to create a riveting piece so divergent from the electronic norm. The two producers make an effective team, as Christopher Tin, a two-time Grammy-winning composer of contemporary, classical, film, and video game scores, compliments tyDi’s conservatory trained musical background.

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