Anonymous producer Polymod releases new self-titled tech house EPPolymod Ep Artwork 1

Anonymous producer Polymod releases new self-titled tech house EP

Dance music fans are no strangers to artists opting for anonymity, be it in the form of a helmet or mask, or even refraining from live performance over facing public fame. It has proven to be an effective strategy, from Daft Punk to Zhu — whether its a marketing ploy or an element of the creator’s artistic method, keeping one’s identity in the backseat has become an enticing angle for electronic music producers over the last two decades.

Now, Polymod is the latest artist to join the ranks of the anonymous, and he (or she) has emerged with the release of a new self-titled EP Polymod. Details on the new project’s owner are scarce — all that is known of Polymod is that the person is a veteran of the UK electronic music scene who is choosing to release music under this new alias. The three-track tech house EP is a satisfying teaser for those attracted to dark undertones and pulsating beats, available now on 17 Steps. Let the Polymod speculation begin.

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