ARIZONA – People Crying Every Night (Friz Remix)FRIZ PIC 3 Scaled

ARIZONA – People Crying Every Night (Friz Remix)

Los Angeles producer¬†Friz¬†elegantly remixed ARIZONA‘s “People Crying Every Night.” Featuring a refreshing production technique, Friz adds his own flair to the original with alluring beats, dreamy undertones, and an infectious melody. The remix flaunts an emotive orchestra of synths that bring a playful vibe to bittersweet lyrics.

Friz brings a colorful tone to each of his creations, showcasing a knack for rousing listeners with moving progressions and uplifting harmonies. His upbeat sound gives listeners an unforgettable experience by evoking captivating sentiments with contrasts of prominent bass lines and iridescent notes. With his latest, Friz will undoubtebly mesmorize fans for his innovative rendition on ARIZONA’s classic style.

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