Exclusive: Lick Twist – Be LovedLick Twist Be Loved 1

Exclusive: Lick Twist – Be Loved

Electronic producer and New York native, Daniel Oron, aka Lick Twist, has shared his latest acoustic/electronic crossover track, “Be Loved.” Oron, a multi-instrumentalist and product of the Berklee School of Music, has been linked to some of the scene’s standout acts, such as Gareth Emery, whose label, Garuda, released Oron’s “Lost & Lonely VIP.”

“Be Loved” was originally a solely acoustic piece. However, with the help of the serene, tender-voiced Luna May, the track slowly evolved, adopting electronic instrumentals and hip hop beats. The result is a soulful, almost melancholy transcendence of several genres weaved into its fabric.

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