Foxhunt delivers punishing electro house cut, ‘Monarch’Fohunt Monarch Artwork

Foxhunt delivers punishing electro house cut, ‘Monarch’

If Foxhunt hasn’t caught your attention yet, his latest original product “Monarch” just might do the trick. It caught deadmau5‘ ear, and even came with some characteristically tearse praise from the Canadian mastermind. That’s because Foxhunt throws it back almost a decade on his new single, delivering a glitchy electro house burner that sounds like it was taken straight from deadmau5′ own playbook. The new track, released via European dance imprint Tasty, sticks to a thumping four-on-the-floor backbone, complete with multi-layered synth work and blistering breaks.

The Leeds-based producer is building a strong repertoire of galvanizing dance pieces, exploring complextro and house genres, positioning himself for a massive breakout moment when electro sees its long overdue, imminent resurgence. Foxhunt proves he’s already got the ear for stimulating club fare on “Monarch,” and by the sound of it, he’s only beginning to really hit his stride.

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