Could Spotify be developing its own unique listening device?Screen Shot 2018 04 08 At 8.07.22 PM

Could Spotify be developing its own unique listening device?

Spotify may have something up its sleeve.

Following the streaming giant’s colossal debut in the public market, it seems the company’s next move may involve an entrance into the physical listening realm.

Although Spotify’s yet to confirm the device or its development, it’s the next logical move for the company, considering they’ve recently been testing voice commands for their app. It would also explain why several users received mysterious ads for a new device. Whether it be in the form of a speaker, rivaling Apple‘s, a device similar to Google‘s Alexa assistant, or an in-car device ā€” all of which are likely possibilities or were teased with mysterious ads ā€” one thing’s for certain: the company will only continue to change how millions of users around the world listen to music.

Even though Spotify’sĀ denied claims of the device on its support forums, it’ll be making a special news announcement on April 24 in New York ā€” the perfect time for an unveiling, so all hope is not lost.

H/T: The Verge