BE-AT.TV forges global event partnership with Corona SunsetsScreen Shot 2018 04 07 At 9.20.29 PM

BE-AT.TV forges global event partnership with Corona Sunsets

The prominent live and electronic streaming platform BE-AT.TV will find company for 2018 in the largest branded event series in the world, Corona Sunsets. The collaboration positions BE-AT.TV as the official live streaming partner for Corona Sunsets.

BE-AT.TV boasts a growth of 750 percent on the global streaming market and a near decade of experience in the streaming sphere. BE-AT.TV’s veteran streamer status will enable the platform to expand its already impactful reach to Corona Sunset’s own market, in the interest of crafting increasingly engaging live streamed musical viewing experiences.

“In 2017 we partnered with Corona to assist them in maximizing the ROI on their ‘Corona Sunsets,’ Tulum and San Pancho, [and] Mexico events platform through live streaming. For 6 percent of the cost of the events themselves, we broadcast their Sunset events to over 5.2 million viewers and developed a unique storytelling format that incorporated local personalities as hosts to help shape the brand’s message,” said Ray Smith, CEO of BE-AT.TV. “2018 will see us booking tent-pole and mid-tier level events for every major market around the world as we roll out a new Musical Ambassador program that will signal an evolution in the ‘Sound of Sunsets.’”

The Musical Ambassador program seeks to augment musical offerings for fans of the Corona Sunset series, and establish deeper reciprocal relationships between artists and the Corona brand.

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