Urbanears releases compact, cost efficient new speakerUrbanrans

Urbanears releases compact, cost efficient new speaker

The third speaker release from Urbanears will make for an intriguing trifecta of listening options.

The headphone manufacturer notably entered the speaker market with the release of its block Stammen and Baggen models, and now, Urbanears’ third design, the Lotsen, will expand the family.

A smaller replica of its characteristically chunky predecessors, the Lotsen will arrive with a $199 price tag, as opposed to the original speakers’ $350-450 price points. Much like the Stammen and the Baggen, the Lotsen will also be able to alternate between Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, aux, and preset Spotify and internet radio stations. The Lotsen can additionally pair in multiroom audio systems to project sound in tandem with the Stammen and Baggen speakers, making sonic integration a simple family affair.

The Lotsen is slated for release– later this summer.

H/T: The Verge

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