Beatport unveils new product roadmap and annual genre rankings, techno reigns supreme

Beatport has introduced a new product roadmap as a part of their continued “commitment to developing independent music and labels” at Ibiza‘s annual International Music Summit.

Hype Charts, Beatport’s most outright effort to support rising labels, will arrive in early-June.

“With so many incredible releases added to Beatport each week, there’s a lot of competition for the attention of our DJ customers,” said Beatport’s Chief Product Officer Terry Weerasinghe.

Hype Charts will ensure that smaller labels get “greater visibility” by shining light on up-and-coming imprints, releases, and artists. Adding the Hype Charts also makes it easier for DJs to identify unique, up-and-coming releases worldwide. Considering that 96 percent of Beatport’s music sales are comprised of independent music, with nearly 25,000 new releases each week, Hype Chart’s an immensely commendable commitment in so far as supporting the independents.

In addition to the new rollout, Beatport also released their annual genre rankings, aka the platform’s top-selling genres. Techno has reigned supreme, with tech house, house music, deep house, drum ‘n’ bass, electronica, melodic house and techno, trance, progressive house, and indie dance falling behind accordingly.

Considering that Beatport’s track sale revenue also grew by seven percent this year, the future of the platform looks immensely promising. Their IMS presentation also divulged into their future plans to launch a DJ discount subscription service as well as new streaming capabilities for DJ software.

Having recently acquired the former DJ streaming service, Pulselocker, there has been considerable wonder surrounding just how Beatport would be expanding the service. Beatport saw the 2018 IMS Business Report as an opportunity to confirm that its entire catalog will be streamable as DJ software by 2019, which means an enormous shift of the DJing game is imminent.

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