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Papa Roach’s ‘Last Resort’ gets a modern day facelift from Kayzo

The 2000s were a time for head banging, alternative rock/metal, and angst…so much angst. For all the kids or teens in the aughts, there is no doubt that they heard Papa Roach’s “Last Resort.” The original featured grimy guitar riffs, hardcore percussion and the iconic, catchy, dark vocals.

As time progressed music started to change, electronic music started to rise, and those kids turned into adults. But being an adult doesn’t mean they can’t scream lyrics at top of their lungs and remember every word from the songs that built them, and this Kayzo remix proves that it is in fact still cool to do just that.

Kayzo slows”Last Resort” down just a touch and turns it into a modern dubstep banger. By keeping the original guitar intact for the verses and then infusing the build ups with blistering bass and staggering synths, he reimagines the track while still keeping the originals integrity. So if you’ve been looking for a bit of revamped nostalgia, Kayzo has you covered.

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