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PRXZM releases debut EP, ‘Come Alive’

From the dorms of Indiana in 2013, to releasing their fresh 7-track debut EP, Come Alive, via Lowly Palace,  Nick and Emma of PRXZM have figured out the secrets to creating catchy and uplifting music that is both honest and relatable.

Track after track Emma allows herself to be completely vulnerable and effortlessly speaks about relationships, heartbreak and new beginnings. In the mean time Nick expertly crafts vibrant synths, truly punchy percussion, and a plethora of fun sounds from brassy horns to funky guitar, to create a refreshing electro-pop sound.

We are extremely proud of this project. The songs each came from our hearts, and the EP as a whole has truly been an experimental and passionate project for us. This release marks and exciting first step into a new world of music that we haven’t deeply explored before; creating a bridge between the electronic world that we built PRXZM in and the live world in which we will continue building.” – PRXZM

With such a cohesive body of work that carries energy and emotion from start to finish, PRXZM perfectly captures their playful style and leaves listeners longing for what’s to come.

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