[BREAKING] Steve Angello confirms SHM reunion: ‘in 2019, we are back’Swedish House Mafia New Scaled

[BREAKING] Steve Angello confirms SHM reunion: ‘in 2019, we are back’

Swedish House Mafia‘s reunion at Ultra 20 left all fans of the supergroup with one question that has lingered ever since the trio stepped away from the decks in Miami: what is SHM’s next move, presuming of course that there would be a next move?

SHM’s recent removal of all posts previously shared on their official Instagram page seemed to lend credibility to suspicion surrounding an extended SHM reunion, but now, Steve Angello has confirmed that the mafia’s Miami re-appearance wasn’t just a one-off performance.

“It’s happening, of course,” Angello stated in an interview with Sydsvenskan, “All details aren’t set, but in 2019 we are back!”

So ‘don’t you worry,’ SHM fans, the boys are back, and they’re here to stay.

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