Erick Morillo & Harry Romero remix ‘Cocoon’Unnamed 4

Erick Morillo & Harry Romero remix ‘Cocoon’

For some artists, remixing one’s own track might be excessive. When reaching the heights that Erick Morillo has reached, however, such a feat becomes expected in a way. The veteran producer and DJ has gained longterm inspiration from the world of underground house — helping pioneer its soundscape himself during his early years — and he’s used his experience in this arena to craft an invigorating remix of his  track “Cocoon.”

He’s teamed up with longtime friend and collaborator Harry Romero to turn the track into “something old school, but with that current energy.” Inspired by early electronic artists like Masters At Work, Morillo brings in a classic four on the floor and nostalgic chord progressions for any house music fan to reminisce on. Out via his own Subliminal Records, this remix is contemporary and straight to the heart.

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