Flux Pavilion releases stacked new Earwax compilationFlu Pavilion Earwa

Flux Pavilion releases stacked new Earwax compilation

Flux Pavilion has always been a bit of a tastemaker, having launched Circus Records with Doctor P early in their careers. Nearly 10 years later, the British dubstep producer has put out his new Earwax compilation album, featuring some of the most exceptional talent Circus has ever seen, from label mainstays to impressive newcomers.

The 21-track compilation spans a variety of genres across the spectrum of bass music. The first half of the compilation is an exploration of future bass sounds, from straightforward tracks like Khwezi & Laura Graves’ “Fragile” and Diskord‘s “Last Time,” to more genre-blending tracks like Flux Pavilion’s recent single, “Symphony.” Other standout offerings include Big Voyage’s ambient “Jellyfish Bloom (Parts 1 & 3),” Rusko‘s animated yet gritty “High,” and “1968” by Submotion Orchestra, a jazzy number that fits in surprisingly well with Flux Pavilion’s bass-oriented collaborators.

Showing the depth of the Circus Records roster, Flux Pavilion has put together a truly diverse yet accessible release with something for nearly every fan.

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