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Kickstarter behind Oddball aims to turn impact into sound

Ever wondered what would happen if a ball could talk?

A UK startup has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the “Oddball” that’s aiming to make that a reality — in terms of percussion.

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The startup has taken a ball about the size of a lacrosse ball and created a pressure-sensitive percussion trigger that turns impact into sounds. From there, the sounds translate over to a complementary app, where users can further edit them. The harder the ball is hit, the more intense the sound, and the lighter, the more delicate. The ball is £59, is charged with a USB, and connects to Bluetooth.

The Oddball is designed so that all ages and skill levels can use it and have some fun, but it also has producers in mind. The ball serves as a velocity-sensitive Bluetooth MIDI controller that’s compatible with any DAW software such as Ableton, Logic Pro, and Pro Tools, and can be used to control users’ favorite plugins. The app flaunts the ability to choose and play sounds from a large sound library or create your own beats. Users can even connect multiple balls and assign different sounds. All of these features allow music-makers to truly tailor their sounds and create their very own experience.

The first Oddballs will be making their appearances in January 2019.

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