More mysterious Aphex Twin artworks appear in Turin, ItalyScreen Shot 2018 07 31 At 7.48.29 AM

More mysterious Aphex Twin artworks appear in Turin, Italy

More mysterious artworks have been found that point to the logo of the notorious IDM producer Aphex Twin.

After the recent discovery of artwork with Aphex’ logo in a London tube station, many have grown to believe that Richard D. James may be teasing out new music. Especially considering this type of marketing is similar to the guerilla marketing behind the 2014 release of his last album, Syro. However, the placement of the latest artwork in Turin, Italy might suggest that James is teasing out a new tour concept — most likely a 3D tour judging by the nature of the artwork. Of course, there’s no reason to believe that new music may not also be coming in tandem.

Aphex Twin will be headlining Turin’s Club To Club festival the first weekend of November, which could be a potential debut of the said tour if that’s truly what’s in the cards. If so, the tour would eventually have to be headed to London, where the original artwork was spotted, and surely will head to other cities too, but for now it looks like we’ll just have to wait and see.

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