Snails and Big Gigantic release a slimy music video for ‘Feel The Vibe’Feel The Vibe Snails

Snails and Big Gigantic release a slimy music video for ‘Feel The Vibe’

Snails and Big Gigantic release their new music video for “Feel The Vibe,” by¬†Collie Buddz. The single was originally released off Canadian vomitstep producer’s album, The Shell, which was also the name for his slimy dubstep-infested tour.

With trippy alien animation intertwined with Snails’ normal life, this music video is a fun contrast between what goes on in his brain vs reality. In Snail’s “reality,” fans find him producing, getting a haircut, crushing sets, eating, and transforming into his sluglord-self in the studio. The animation is reminiscent of a cross between Major Lazer‘s TV series and Getter‘s music videos.

Big Gigantic’s sax and Collie Buddz’ tone add a soothing, Caribbean element to the high-energy, sludgy, dubstep brought by Snails. This week, Sluggtopia’s finest tweeted some inspiration about his journey: “its crazy i remember the days when i was sending my music to blogs and youtube channel and they were saying how much my music wasnt high quality enough and too weird… im happy ive never let anybody or anything discourage me about my sound.”

Now, he’s a label boss after creating his own imprint, Slugz Music, last month.

Photo Credit: @snailmusic/Instagram

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