Zedd taps Elley Duhé for distinctive new single, ‘Happy Now’

Originally debuted during Zedd‘s performance at his inaugural Zedd in the Park event at Los Angeles’ State Historic Park on July 3, “Happy Now” now gains a full-fledged release.

The latest single to emerge from Zedd’s studio, “Happy Now” represents yet another sonic step in a direction opposite the high-powered electro constructions of earlier foundational singles like “Clarity” and “Stay The Night.” Zedd further gravitates toward vocal-centric pop/electronic hybrid song stylization on “Happy Now,” a medium that worked particularly well for the crossover conceptualist on both “Stay” and “The Middle.”

A supportive yet subtle guitar melody underlies rising artist Elley Duhé’s alto range vocal contribution. Whimsical, multi-toned synths cascade in mid-tempo, mellifluous breakdowns that serve as the song’s working ‘drops,’ the descents noticeably more minimalist in their arrangement in “Happy Now” than in “Stay” or “The Middle.”

While the mass success of Zedd’s prior two singles render “Happy Now” prone to commercial comparison, when it comes to sonic organization, “Happy Now” is distinctively different in its sound, emblematizing the evolution of Zedd’s electronic artistry.

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