Armand Van Helden breaks the horns out with new ‘Warriors’ remixArmand Van Helden Warriors Remi

Armand Van Helden breaks the horns out with new ‘Warriors’ remix

Armand Van Helden‘s hip-house mentality finds a perfect muse with a remix of Too Many Zooz and KDA‘s horn-driven track “Warriors.” In many ways, Van Helden’s remix represents the second evolution of Too Many Zooz’ original, which saw its release back in 2016. Earlier this year, rising British house star KDA upped the energy with a DJ-ready rework. Now, Armand Van Helden takes the track even deeper into fist pumping territory with his self-styled “bad boy of house” edge.

The remix is a head-nodder right from the jump, as the driving horn line begins to peek in over shuffling house percussion. With a trumpet flourish, the energy kicks into overdrive as the full instrumental arrangement meet a thudding 808 kick. The breakdown returns to the hi-hat and claps beat over bassy baritone bellows. The groove only intensifies as the second chorus returns, with wailing saxophone filling the space. Although the venerated dance legend manages to inject even more set-ready bass and attitude into the song’s previous version, he’s careful to let the jazzy melody stay the star of the show.

Photo Credit: Giles Smith

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