DJ Snake’s debut album ‘Encore’ turns 2 years oldEncore

DJ Snake’s debut album ‘Encore’ turns 2 years old

DJ Snake was not one of those artists who had a steady ascent into notoriety, but rather, a meteoric one. A few radio-hits and a mainstage anthem in, and the French producer had suddenly found himself headlining festivals across the world.

His debut album Encore just turned two years old. Few artists have had the breadth of hits coming out of a single album, much less a debut one, like Snake has. In DA‘s original post about the album, it was described as “a sprawling effort with its finger in many pies.” DJ Snake certainly does combine a diverse collection of tracks with club hits such as “Ocho Cinco” juxtaposed with Caribbean chords in “Talk.”

Few artists also score a debut album with collaborations alongside an endless stream of top tier acts. Migos, Justin Bieber, Skrillex, Yellow Claw, and Travis Scott are only a few of the collaborators to span the 14 track compilation, which is arguably still one of the most star-studded electronnic music albums to be released of all time.

DJ Snake wrote a post commemorating the album’s second birthday on his Twitter, thanking fans for being part of his journey:

Lastly, and most importantly, he writes that his sophomore album is coming soon. If his next album is anything like Encore, Snake’s curtain call certainly isn’t coming anytime soon, and fans have a lot to look forward to.

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