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Schedule staples: 10 artists that Electric Zoo 2018 attendees simply can’t miss

Words by Rachel Narozniak and Natalie Diaz

The experience is one that is familiar for all festival goers: you stumble upon an artist who you haven’t listened to prior, progressively explore that DJ’s catalogue, and become completely and irrevocably enthralled with what you find. Your newfound favorite is an instant playlist addition, and there’s at least one track that you put on a nonstop loop–sorry, neighbors.

You’ll eventually browse the artist’s list of upcoming show dates, scouring the enumerated appearances for one within your proximity, only to find that the very producer who has so consistently dominated your stream counts of late performed at that festival that you just attended. Talk about a bummer, and one that’s especially bittersweet if the festival date was the only show in your area for awhile.

We’ve all been there, but attendees of Electric Zoo 2018 don’t have to be. In an effort to evade this particular post festival woe, Dancing Astronaut presents ten artists that ticket holders of EZoo’s decade anniversary event simply cannot miss Labor Day Weekend.

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Black Caviar

Rachel Narozniak

DJ duo Black Caviar maintain that the “best way to get to know [them] is with [one’s] ears,” but those unacquainted with the ascending artists can count on Dancing Astronaut to provide a solid introduction.

Black Caviar’s latest single “Killa Shit Funk” provided the background music to the 2018 VMAs for a brief moment during the MTV hosted awards show’s live broadcast, a testament to the release’s pop cultural integration following its arrival. Characterized by G.L.A.M.’s low pitched hip hop flavored verses and drops involving bouncing bass lines and funky, looping sonic embellishments, “Killa Shit Funk” exudes an edgy innovation that materializes on fellow bass driven Black Caviar productions like “Coco” and the pair’s remix of Tiësto‘s “BOOM.”  Black Caviar’s choice of off cuff electronic elements constitutes a creative sound that is perhaps unexpected, but always works.

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Whipped Cream

Natalie Diaz

After spending this summer festival hopping, this breakout DJ/Producer, Whipped Cream, is climbing her way to main stage headliner status. The Canadian naive recently got signed by United Talent Agency, which has allowed her to perform all over North America, including this year’s, Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, British Columbia’s, Shambala, HARD Summer in California and of course, Electric Zoo’s 10th Anniversary in New York. Her production is a combination of eerie vocal samples and hard-hitting sound design that will have the entire stage vibrating with bass. Whipped Cream is known for her energetic performances and dark visuals. She is living proof that women DJ/producers can go twice as hard.

Schedule staples: 10 artists that Electric Zoo 2018 attendees simply can’t missMedasin Press Irene E1533913276981


Rachel Narozniak

A breath of fresh air in the current context of electronic production, Medasin’s music bears a distinctive buoyancy that epitomizes the adjective “chill.” Mellow subtlety characterizes many of Medasin’s releases, in a nod to a ‘less is more’ philosophy in the studio that translates to low key constructions where smooth synths, vocal overlays, and quirky electronic accents cohesively coalesce. Listeners won’t find thunderous bass lines or dramatic builds embodied in Medasin’s catalogue, but rather temperate harmonies that show a softer side of ‘EDM.’ The August arrival of Medasin’s debut album, Irene, signifies that Electric Zoo 2018 will be one of the first festival platforms for Medasin’s live presentation of album selections, making the set a noteworthy one in the trajectory of Medasin’s career as a performer.

Schedule staples: 10 artists that Electric Zoo 2018 attendees simply can’t missWaMotif

Wax Motif

Natalie Diaz

Australian DJ and producer, Wax Motif is making a name for himself in the G-House category. The man has been living it up in Las Vegas and California all summer playing his recent collaboration with GTAAnna Lunoe, and Dillion Francis, “I Can’t Hold On.” His sound is a unique combination of hip hop, R&B and UK-inspired bass lines.

Wax Motif has released tracks on both Tchami‘s Confession label and Night Bass Records, and evinced his crossover potential in his work with well known rappers such as Pusha T and Ty Dolla $ign. He will certainly kill it at this year’s edition of Electric Zoo, and has plenty of more shows in store. Once his famous release–“Fly Kicks”–starts playing, people will understand why Wax Motif is well on his way to legendary status.

Schedule staples: 10 artists that Electric Zoo 2018 attendees simply can’t missEkali


Rachel Narozniak

Versatility is Ekali’s wheelhouse, and the producer’s Awakening mix series and successive singles exemplify the ease with which Ekali continually scales the electronic continuum. Ekali’s recent debut of his forthcoming—and for the moment, untitled—collaboration with 1788-L at HARD Summer evidenced the trap leaning tendency of Ekali’s productions, the preview packed with wallops of potent bass and gritty, grabbing rhythmic halts. While a bass padded aesthetic is both a comfortable and expert style of approach for Ekali, it is by no means Ekali’s sole strong suit, as Ekali’s Awakening installments illustrate. The series provide a lush contrast to the intensity of Ekali’s harder hitting releases with ambient synth beds and seamless transitioning from one melodic cut to the next.

Schedule staples: 10 artists that Electric Zoo 2018 attendees simply can’t missSQUNTO Ching Chen Photographer


Natalie Diaz

If you love breaking your neck to some dubstep, SQUNTO is the performer you can’t miss at this year’s Electric Zoo. They don’t call him ‘The Bass Dragon’ for no reason, after all. This DJ/producer has mastered the skill of mixing up to four songs at a time, and switching back and forth to create a whole new kind of drop. His “Turbo Chop” Instagram videos have received a lot of positive feedback, which is why this chop master played at this year’s Electric Forest, Bass Canyon, Moonrise, and Lost Lands. He is known for his collaborations with Boogie T and released a new EP called Dragon Noises about 3 months ago. This guy will not disappoint, for he knows how to put on a rail riding performance.

Photo Credit: Mass EDMC

 Schedule staples: 10 artists that Electric Zoo 2018 attendees simply can’t missStookisound

Stööki Sound

Rachel Narozniak

Titillating bass flatlines under the name “Stööki Sound.” Stööki productions betray the production duo’s penchant for stimulating bass constructions that Stööki Sound constituents Lukey and Jelacee douse with darkness. Lukey’s musical background in hip-hop, and Jelacee’s experience in house and dubstep circles collectively result in releases that brood in the UK grime that Stööki Sound further familiarizes in the US trap scene with each ensuing single. Meticulously staged builds represent just one of the hallmarks of Stööki Sound; while many modern trap productions rush ahead to the given track’s climaxes—the drops— Stööki singles build tantalizing anticipation in their unhurried staging of descents that demand listeners’ attentions, and rightly get it every time.

Photo Credit: Resident Advisor

Schedule staples: 10 artists that Electric Zoo 2018 attendees simply can’t missHerobust WTF


Natalie Diaz

It is no surprise that Herobust graces this year’s lineup. Herobust not only knows how to please a crowd with his grimy, unique sound design and filthy bass drops, but has gained attention from online media platforms such as Rolling Stone, VICE, and MTV. His sonic pedigree clearly in place and progressively developing, Herobust has had one busy summer playing festivals such as BassRush, ilesoniq, Electric Forest and Dancefestopia. He recently released a song called “WTF” and is known for his sea serpent track, “Giant Squiddim.” Given his expertise when it comes to making one earth shattering track after another, this will be a set to see at EZoo’s tenth Anniversary.

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: @danladue/Instagram

Schedule staples: 10 artists that Electric Zoo 2018 attendees simply can’t missScreen Shot 2018 08 23 At 9.42.00 PM

Mike Chach

Rachel Narozniak

Those who’ve kept their ears to the dancefloors of popular New York City dance venues like LAVO and Webster Hall can attest to a familiarity with Mike Chach’s sound. A veteran of the metropolitan electronic music scene, Chach consistently provides support for events in and around the greater New York area, including Vermont’s Minus Zero Festival. Electric Zoo would be remiss to not include Chach among its lineup selections, and Chach will accordingly appear on EZoo’s opening day to drum up excitement at the Treehouse stage. Chach’s upbeat, undeniable energy behind the decks renders Chach a formidable party starter, and the set leader that attendees should include among their schedules.

Photo Credit: Webster Hall

Schedule staples: 10 artists that Electric Zoo 2018 attendees simply can’t missScreen Shot 2018 08 23 At 9.41.02 PM


Natalie Diaz

Neil Berry, better known as, LUZCID, is a 24 year old DJ/producer who is slowly rising to the top. He has worked alongside Flux Pavilion, Liquid Stranger and Space Jesus, and with this list of fellow collaborators, it perhaps arrives as no surprise that the best way to describe LUZCID’s style of music is “space bass.”

Much like his stage name, LUZCID creates tracks that make listeners feel as if they are lucid dreaming. He focuses on adding psychedelic tones and glitchy bass lines to his productions to create a journey of fantasy and escape. His main influence is the bass God himself, Bassnectar, who worked on one of LUZCID’s tracks called, “Science Fiction.” This summer has been busy for LUZCID as he played Electric Forest, released an EP called Cognition, and has plans to go to Mexico for Bassnectar’s Deja Voom festival. Expect LUZCID to throw down a set that will put you in a dream state.

Photo Credit: aLIVE Coverage

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