Kaskade dispensary plan smoked out after inceptionKASKADE2014

Kaskade dispensary plan smoked out after inception

So, a Mormon and a DJ walk into a dispensary…

Not really, though, as Kaskade‘s team has recently confirmed that he has absolutely no connection to a new LA-based marijuana dispensary brandishing the name, ‘Kaskade Collective.’ The irony lies in the fact that the dance demigod is a devout Mormon—yes, of the intrinsically sober variety. He even has family in Utah, for any skeptics out there.

The “I Remember” artist will fortunately be able to avoid legal action, as the business has promptly agreed to change its name in the next few days. What is still unclear is whether or not the dispensary fashioned its masthead in homage to the artist, or if it was pure coincidence. Nonetheless, the right Kaskade was left standing this time around.

H/T:Magnetic Mag


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