Kid Cudi and Jaden Smith reportedly want to do a joint projectKid Cudi Jaden Smith Interview Credit MATTEO PRANDONI

Kid Cudi and Jaden Smith reportedly want to do a joint project

Kid Cudi interviewing Jaden Smith might be the best thing in hip-hop news all month. Appearing in The New Vanguard Issue of VMAN40, the topic at hand was sparked when Smith congratulated Kid Cudi on his most recent project, Kids See Ghost, and how generally well-received the Kanye-assisted release was. As Cudi begins talking about how much of a dream it was to work with Ye himself, he sneaks in a note on how he and Jaden should collaborate on a project as well. Perhaps the snippet is less an idea in passing and more or a foreshadowing to a future rap collaboration with serious multi-generational appeal.

Cudi offers, “Maybe one day we’ll do an album bro,” to Smith. Of course, the “Icon” rapper is all for it. Smith responds, “I’ll have to get a few more albums under my belt. I’m going to have to grow, but that would be the biggest dream of mine.”

The Man on the Moon crooner continues by praising Smith on how young he started his music career. What’s more — just last year in a Reddit AMA, Jaden Smith revealed his dream collaboration was Kid Cudi. Talk about putting things into existence, fingers crossed for this one.

Featured image: Matteo Prandoni

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