Lido and Unge Ferrari put on experimental R&B clinic with ‘Corner Love’Lido Corner Love Unge Ferrari

Lido and Unge Ferrari put on experimental R&B clinic with ‘Corner Love’

Lido has followed up his latest single “3 Million” with a spacious R&B slow burner called “Corner Love,” featuring fellow Norwegian Unge Ferrari. Like past songs by the multi-instrumentalist and producer, the track is a journey with multiple movements, beginning his own smoldering vocals that bring listeners into a mental lounge space. A bed of violins arrives out of nowhere for Ferrari to land for a raspy, auto-tuned verse. Lido returns for a soothing chorus before the strings explode into chaos, with a frantic vocal sample shouting above the fray.

The frenzy dies down for a final chapter with just Lido and a piano, which complete the song’s ethos with a tidy helping of lo-fi edits. “In a corner in the city there is someone like you,” sings the multi-talented artist, breaking the song’s ethos down to its purest and simplest form. As of yet, there’s no official news of on a second full length Lido album – but if this is the caliber of musical vision that fans can anticipate, it’s going to be more than worth the wait.

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