Premiere: Cristoph – RevolverLNOE093 Cristoph Revolver

Premiere: Cristoph – Revolver

Last Night On Earth welcomes the return of Cristoph to its confines with a brand new three-tracker titled The Duel. Since his debut EP on the label — Eleven, in 2017 — the British talent has bolstered a heavy tour schedule with releases on Pryda Presents, Selador, and Bedrock. It’s clear by the labels who’ve signed this blossoming act that he is a clear power player underground, despite a relatively short tenure.

The Duel hits high gear with its middle track, “Revolver.” Much like the weapon it’s named after, the production fires shots of pounding bass into a lush, arpy landscape filled with cunning melodies that give off a foreboding tone. A brief respite is offered in the breakdown, but Cristoph makes it clear he’s out for murder by the time all elements are forged into “Revolver’s” climax. Listen with caution…

Pre-order a copy of ‘The Duel,’ due on August 24, here

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