Robyn makes a triumphant return with ‘MISSING U’Robyn Short Film New Song Missing U

Robyn makes a triumphant return with ‘MISSING U’

Robyn fans have been enduring an eight-year-long drought. The Swedish pop star and dance icon hasn’t released an album since Body Talk was released in 2010. While she has released new music, it’s been more experimental, and she’s worked with contemporaries like Röyksopp and Mr. Tophat on new EPs. But while fans have remained waiting, it hasn’t been quietly — through theme parties, themed workout classes and any excuse to play her music in the public sphere, Robyn’s persona and special brand of emotional, isolated, danceable pop music have reigned as evergreen. Such is the subject of a new documentary put out by the “Hang With Me” singer, which follows her as she joins in on one of these parties in New York this past spring, ahead of her forthcoming album to end her silence.

After acknowledging to her fans that she is indeed in awe of what they’ve achieved for her legacy together, Robyn hit BBC Radio 1 — of course as Annie Mac’Hottest Record — to debut her first single from her album, “Missing U.” With this song, she has proved that her absence was worthy of note, as she reenters the music world proving that no one has been able to take her place. The single will remind many of her former music like “Call Your Girlfriend,” but its message still remains achingly relatable.

More details on Robyn’s further return are yet to be divulged, but if one thing’s for sure, fans will be patiently waiting for more.