DJ Koze goes beautifully bizarre on new track, ‘Hawaiian Soldier’Dj Koze Hawaiian Soldier

DJ Koze goes beautifully bizarre on new track, ‘Hawaiian Soldier’

German producer DJ Koze is capable of playing with any genre or song structure he’s feeling. He proved just that with his recent album Knock Knock, a collection of fuzzy, guest-laden electronica. Despite his easily deployed drum beats, it’s easy to get the sense that Koze is always seconds from letting his sounds run rampant. That’s exactly what he’s done on “Hawaiian Soldier,” out now on Studio Barnhus Volym 1.

DJ Koze’s addition to the Studio Barnhus label compilation instantly veers into the strange — capped with a detuned bass line and punctuated by ear-tickling synth runs. The track expands into a mass of dreamy blips, bloops, distorted samples, and stuttering hi-hats. If Koze turned on everything in his studio and improv jam with every instrument, it may sound something like “Hawaiian Soldier.” Despite the dizzying sonic clouds, there’s a calm, dream-like soul to the song, which refuses to be tied to anything but the joy of noise.

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