Dusky show vulnerability with ‘Aset Forever’ release [EP Review]Aset Forever Dusky

Dusky show vulnerability with ‘Aset Forever’ release [EP Review]

When tragedy strikes, the only thing to do is to keep moving forward. This is a reality that Alfie and Nick of Dusky were forced to face upon the passing of their close friend Jan “Aset” Francis in late 2017. In their time spent healing from their loss, Aset Forever manifested itself as catharsis across five tracks. It’s the first body of work seen from the illustrious duo since Square Miso, and also signals their readiness to move past their hardship and back into the swing of touring life.

They already showed their opposition against wallowing in self pity through the EP’s first single, “Amongst The Gods.” Clearly paying homage to their friend in this piece, it carries a more positive connotation hidden beneath its satisfying blend of breaks and deep house. Aset is in a better place now. This sweet edge to the sorrow continues on into “Ace,” a distinctly underground number whose acid tones evoke imagery of underground warehouses like the ones Jan Francis helped a nascent Dusky play in when their career began.

“Staunch” deals with the angrier side of loss, painting an eerie picture with creeping harmonies on the low end and synth moans that send shivers down the spine. “Angles” lightens the mood again, floating along bouts of breaks and ethereal melodies that ease the listener out of the dark place they were brought in with the tracks before. Its retro appeal and higher doses of melody are unabashedly Dusky. Finally, “The Captain” ties all the the emotions present inĀ Aset Forever into a 1980s-inspired, bittersweet package.



Order a copy of ‘Aset Forever,’ out on the duo’s 17 Steps imprint, here

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