Loud Luxury return to Armada with infectious single, ‘Love No More’Loud Luury Press Shot

Loud Luxury return to Armada with infectious single, ‘Love No More’

Loud Luxury keeps on cruising at high altitude with a ridiculously catchy new single, “Love No More,” via the mighty Armin Van Buuren‘s Armada imprint. The radio-ready track features perfectly in pocket vocals by Toronto based crooner, anders. “Love No More” is sure to continue the wave Loud Luxury made when they dropped their smash hit “Body” last fall. In the past year, the track has racked up hundred of millions of streams on Spotify alone. It remains to be seen if their latest release can match those numbers, but it’s got all the ingredients to make a similar run.

The groove sets in without a kick drum in sight, with a stuttering pluck melody pushing anders’ super smooth verse along. The chorus doubles as a build, with Loud Luxury’s trademark squelchy bass sounds powering the track forward. Savvy vocal chops and bombastic horn stabs complete a high-octane break. The short but sugary sweet single perfectly toes the line between club weapon and radio play.

Photo Credit: Nicole De Khors

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