Malaa lays down the grooves in ‘Who Is Malaa #22’ mixScreen Shot 2018 09 07 At 3.41.57 PM

Malaa lays down the grooves in ‘Who Is Malaa #22’ mix

Malaa is taking no prisoners on the latest episode of Who Is Malaa. The enigmatic producer and signee of Tchami’s Confessions imprint has reached the 22nd edition of his series, and as per usual packs its half-hour duration with a beautiful fusion of deep grooves, tech, and future. Prominent basslines anchor the mix in place, as it starts off slow and crescendos into an explosion of house as it reaches its end. One fan even asserted on Twitter, “I wanna go rob a bank! ASAP,” in response to the heat Malaa brought forth in the mix.

This follows his most recent single “Bling Bling” which was released just last month. In addition to his forthcoming project, Illegal Mixtape Vol. 2, fans can catch Malaa on his Illegal Tour.

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