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Mariah Carey samples Porter Robinson’s ‘Goodbye to a World’ on latest single

In between Vegas stints, Mariah Carey has released her latest track entitled “GTFO.” It’s classic Mariah: a sultry, intimate pop song with a not-so-subtle middle finger of a punch line. But electronic music fans will notice one major piece of the song’s puzzle didn’t always belong to the track’s original writing — but rather, is the work of Porter Robinson. 

The warm and inviting heart of the production of “GTFO” comes from Robinson’s instantly recognizable “Goodbye to a World” from his critically acclaimed 2014 album release WorldsAlong with Robinson, credits on the track belong to vocalist and songwriter Bibi Bourelly, Carey herself and OVO favorite Nineteen85 of “Hotline Bling” fame.

Like it or not, this kind of exchange across music fuels much of pop, electronic, and hip-hop production, but it is rarer to see electronic music be direct inspiration in top-tier pop music of Carey’s iconic caliber. Of course, lines between pop and dance music are increasingly blurred nowadays, but there have been instances like Flo-Rida’s “Good Feeling,” where Avicii’s sampling on “Levels” was a direct inspiration, and “GTFO” follows suit. While the single poses a question of where — outside of Christmas albums — Carey intends for her music stand going forward. Judging from Robinson’s fans’ reactions on Twitter, she’ll find a place just fine.

Photo Credit: Taylor Hill

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