Overhated or Overrated: Avicii’s ‘Levels’Avicii Press

Overhated or Overrated: Avicii’s ‘Levels’

One of the most startling trends in the recent EDM explosion is the ability for an artist — and their breakthrough track — to go from universally revered to universally hated the instant their fan base perceives them as “sold out.” Dance music’s obsession with being underground has led to vitriolic responses to any artist’s newfound celebrity and popularity.

Avicii’s “Levels” is perhaps the most iconic EDM track of all time and has consequently been reviled by even some of his biggest fans. When Bergling created his career-defining track in 2011 there were very few productions like it. “Levels” paved its way into worldwide and mainstream adoption based solely on the merits of its production alone. From there the song became nearly inescapable, eventually finding its way into consistent radio play. A wave of hate followed soon after.

For this reason alone we ask the question; overhated or overrated?