Okeechobee 2019 rumored to be canceledOkeechobee

Okeechobee 2019 rumored to be canceled

A lack of key operational details related to Okeechobee Festival‘s expected 2019 iteration has led many to speculate that the Florida event will not host an ensuing edition. Festival organizers have not announced dates for Okeechobee 2019 or ticket sales, let alone a first phase of a lineup. Okeechobee tweeted that details regarding “#omf19” would be “coming soon” on September 13, but have not provided would be attendees any following information.

Despite maintaining ownership of the land that serves as the site of Okeechobee, the festival’s parent company, Soundslinger LLC, has reportedly laid off employees and remained “shuttered since Labor Day.” It is currently unclear whether another entity will assume the rights to the festival for 2019, and if so, who would acquire the rights.

Electronic music speculation source Festive Owl originally reported Soundslinger’s defunct status on September 13. Festive Owl additionally noted that “a (normally) very responsive [Okeechobee] source” was unable to “confirm any plans for 2019.” The undisclosed source additionally told Festive Owl that “artist management and publicity outlets” received “abrupt emails” that stated that the festival was “on hold” for 2019, and “not 100 percent coming back.”

Okeechobee organizers have issued no formal statement regarding any of the rumors currently in circulation about Okeechobee 2019.

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