Ray Volpe surprises with emotive ‘All Emotion Allowed’ EPRay Volpe Press Shot

Ray Volpe surprises with emotive ‘All Emotion Allowed’ EP

Ray Volpe fans are accustomed to heavy drops and dubstep soundscapes from the self-proclaimed “sad dubstep boy.” The Long Island-born producer just came out with a surprising two-track EP, and the emotive songs are a new direction from Volpe. He demonstrates how versatile his musical capabilities are and takes “a dive into something different than usual from your friendly neighborhood sad dubstep boy.”

The EP, titled All Emotion Allowed, is the complement to his EP that dropped earlier this year, No Emotion Allowed. Consisting of “Without You” featuring Devin and Lydia and “Worth A Try” featuring Aviella, both tracks display a softer side to Volpe’s music. During the two tracks, he experiments with emotional lyrics and atmospheric melodies — a stark contrast to the tracks within No Emotion Allowed. The two tracks appeal not only to bass fans, but also those appreciating experimental, groovy sounds.

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