See Pioneer DJ’s new, affordable all-in-one DDJ-RR unitScreen Shot 2018 09 06 At 2.35.01 PM

See Pioneer DJ’s new, affordable all-in-one DDJ-RR unit

Pioneer DJ has officially announced a brand new, all-in-one DDJ-RR unit, designed to help new and aspiring DJs transition from the bedroom to the party, bar, and even the club. The system comes equipped with all the basic features including the traditional NXS2 set-up paired with a portable body that allows for easy mobility and lightweight capability.

This new unit follows their flagship DDJ-RX2, which was made for smaller venues and home use. The difference between the setups are clear, with the RR having fewer beat effects, fewer color effects, no touchscreen, and fewer performance pads. However, they come with dual USB ports for a seamless switchover and a seven-inch full-color screen. DJs also have the option of recording their mix straight to the USB from the hardware.

Pioneer told the press, “Unleash your creativity with the XDJ-RR and follow your dreams from your bedroom to the club.”In addition, the RR is 43% lighter than the RX2, making it ideal to carry with you anywhere and everywhere. Head to Pioneer’s website for more information.

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