YehMe2 teams up with Bailo for ‘Spit’Spit Artwork

YehMe2 teams up with Bailo for ‘Spit’

Former half of Flosstradamus Josh Young is now known as YehMe2, and despite leaving the legendary trap group, that has not stopped him from continuing to release the hard-hitting trap tracks that fans came to love and expect. Young is back with a new release under the moniker in collaboration with Bailo, and per the Soundcloud description, the duo made the track “in 15 minutes.” Bailo is also a trap mainstay, frequently releasing tracks on the likes of Buygore and Dim Mak.

Sirens open the track, and synthesized rap vocals permeate the backdrop as the release propels forward. Manufactured for live performance with its hip-hop trap blend, it’s the perfect release to mix into a set or to get a Saturday night going.

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