Khamsin & Kidswaste connect on new single, ‘Plastic Dreams’Khamsin Plastic Dreams Art

Khamsin & Kidswaste connect on new single, ‘Plastic Dreams’

French producers Khamsin and Kidswaste linked up for a new jam, “Plastic Dreams.” Both multi-talented musicians are members of Slow Hours Collective and have been crushing the solo game. Khamsin’s been recruited for remixes by ZHU and Mura Masa, to name a few. The latter, since releasing a debut album in early 2017, has received increased attention with a Manila Killa collaboration and peak Spotify playlist placement. Needless to say, they’ve built quite the listener base for this release.

The track is unique in its own right, with a smooth melody that builds into a pleasing combination of guitar riffs, electro-synths, and captivating vocals. Khamsin said he started on the track a few months ago and then fired it off to Kidswaste.

“He really liked it and told me he wanted to try some guitars & vocals stuff on it… I’m more than happy with the final result on this song, and I think it blends perfectly our mutual universes.”

This is just the start of some new content from the producers, as Khamsin will be releasing a series of singles in the coming months called Reminiscence, and Kidswaste is working on a debut album.

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