Kygo continues to bask in eternal summer with, ‘Happy Now’Kygo Happy Now 1

Kygo continues to bask in eternal summer with, ‘Happy Now’

In Kygo‘s mind (and instinctively in his music), the sun never refuses a shine, a soft breeze forever bustles through sprightly palms, and lustrous ocean waves methodically crest and surrender, keeping perfect time. “Happy Now,” Kygo’s latest, assumes its rightful residence here, in this perennial paradise, too.

Vapory synth emissions brush across “Happy Now” like effervescent sea foam, while tropical house textures and fluttering melodies run abound to complete the balmy atmosphere. All the while, Sandro Cavazza‘s vacillating vocals flood the track with Avicii nostalgia, as the singer appeared on the since-deceased producer’s enduring dance-classic “Without You.”

Kygo has virtually single-handedly woven tropical house into dance-pop’s ever-developing infrastructure. His light and whimsical, often piano-centered tracks like “Remind Me To Forget,” “Firestone,” and “First Time” have brought listeners across the board to their dancing feet since his eminent rise just a handful of years ago.


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