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Kygo and manager Myles Shear jointly launch Palm Tree Records

Kygo and manager, Myles Shear are the two newest industry entities to announce the establishment of their own label, Palm Tree Records–emblematic of Kygo’s inherently tropical sound. Launched in conjunction with Sony Music Entertainment, Palm Tree Records is an imprint devoted to “identifying and cultivating emerging artistry in dance and electronic music,” according to a recent release detailing the label’s foundation.

Palm Tree Records is but one strategic piece of the intricate puzzle that Kygo and Shear continue to assemble as they work to develop a “full-service system” for fledgling artists. Kygo and Shear’s jointly conceived artist-management company comprises another complementary facet of the duo’s long-term goal to consolidate a trajectory of guidance for signees new to the industry.

“I’ve always been very fond of working with talented, undiscovered artists in my own releases,” Kygo said of the initiative. “It’s been an amazing process to watch these artists grow and now I’m able to help projects I love by offering a label and management service with an incredible team.”

Shear echoed Kygo’s enthusiasm about the potential inherent in the imprint: “Palm Tree Records, together with our new management company, now gives us the perfect way to [kickstart artists’ careers]. As a manager, it’s a thrill to be realizing this vision with the partner who I’ve created everything with up to this point,” Shear added.

Shear and Kygo have remained a steadfast professional pair since Shear connected with Kygo on Facebook five years ago in 2013. Palm Tree Records, Kygo, and Shear’s management company will limit its scope to artist oversight and music publication for now, but could expand their focus to canvass “television, headphones, and content creation” in the future, Shear says.

“[Kygo] and I can build an empire together, and this is an ‘open for business’ sign,” says Shear.

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