Mark Johns links with AObeats for new tune, ‘Like That’Mark Johns Press Photo

Mark Johns links with AObeats for new tune, ‘Like That’

Mark Johns and AObeats release a fuzzy R&B-inspired track, “Like That.”  The two producer friends bring out the warm feels with casual keys, lazy claps, and graceful vocals, as the new tune flows with Johns’ melodically rhythmic nature.

The two have collaborated before, on the groovy “Peanut Butter” with Robokid earlier this year. Minimalistic in arrangement, the pair’s latest, proves that the two artists don’t need much to produce a high-quality product. AObeats proctors easy-going melodies, walking bass line, spaced out drum sets, and environmental flares as the backdrop to Johns’ contribution. Mark Johns has been a championed up-and-comer on Skrillex‘s OWSLA label, though she’s always kept a close affiliation to Manilla Killa, AOBeats, and Robokid’s Moving Castle imprint.

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