Bitbird favorite, Duskus, releases kaleidoscopic ‘Longtime’Duskus Press

Bitbird favorite, Duskus, releases kaleidoscopic ‘Longtime’

It’s not at all hard to fathom why uncommonly colorful producer and bitbird label-head San Holo plucked a young Duskus from the monotonous slew of SoundCloud producers and designated him his very first bitbird signee back in 2014. The London-stationed Duskus’s vivid, vivacious sound echoes a similar celestial center to that of his esteemed bitbird boss.

Duskus’s latest release, “Longtime,” released through his own Kaleido (think kaleidoscope) imprint, manifests his signature sound design: equal parts serenity and benevolent drive. A twinkling synth melody permeates throughout the track, simulating a star-sprinkled night sky. Meanwhile, ripply vocal chops and brimming bass kicks penetrate the otherwise delicate foundation, allowing for a bountiful and compelling sonic landscape.

In 2014, a then-teenage Duskus’s “The First Route” served as the very first bitbird-housed release, paving the way for the technicolor assortment of talent Holo harnessed soon thereafter. Still early on in his flourishing career, Duskus has also secured auspicious releases through Monstercat and Buygore, to name a few.

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