The newest breakfast craze is MDMA-flavored sausageSausage Machine

The newest breakfast craze is MDMA-flavored sausage

2018 feels like the year for ecstasy cuisine. Early on in the year, sources from the UK alleged a new trend among the middle class was stuffing wheels of brie with MDMA powder to make gatherings more jovial. It seems that Australia took this idea to breakfast, however, as the latest mass drug bust on the island-continent was centered around the party drug being hidden in sausage machines.

Nearly half a ton, or $57 million AUD-worth of molly powder, was discovered in the meaty devices by the Australian Federal Police (AFB) while en route to a grocer in Syndey. After a crackdown with a fake, tracked package replacement, three were arrested as part of a “larger syndicate” dedicated toward distributing illicit substances around the region.

Perhaps a better strategy would have been to hide the MDMA in the eggs…


H/T: Mixmag

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