Powel – Eolomea [EP Review]Eolomea Powel

Powel – Eolomea [EP Review]

Powel’s no stranger to All Day I Dream. He first joined onto the label during its earlier years in 2014, returning a few years later alongside Hoj for their whimsical “Leap Day” that became a season favorite upon its release. The relationship between Powel and All Day I Dream has naturally culminated in his most expansive work yet for the imprint — a four-piece Eolomea —which ushers us into the fall with a hint of dreaminess.

“On A Whale Through The Desert” kicks off the EP on a breezy, almost jazzy note, enticing the ears with pleasing piano progressions and Eastern-inspired instrumentation designed to catalyze a trance-like state. Eolomea picks up pace as it flows into its title track, adding further lushness to the mix with carefully interwoven harmonies and sparkling hints of synth that call one to attention during the breakdown.

It’s here the EP reaches its plateau in the sensibly titled, “At The Waiting Room.” What feels like riding a current in “Eolomea” settles into smoothness with the penultimate track, with subtle hints of harp and ethereal notation lapping at the ears to evoke a sense beachy relaxation. Finally, Powel concludes with a slightly bittersweet “Sabeth,” which does well in tugging at the heart strings. As a whole, Eolomea captures All Day I Dream’s ethos at its core while placing Powel at the forefront of Germany’s deep, melodic house movement.



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