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Sam Feldt enlists ‘Avengers’ actor Jeremy Renner on new single ‘Heaven’

Is Sam Feldt the newest member of The Avengers? Probably not…but people can dream, as the Dutch DJ just teamed up with Hawkeye on “Heaven (Don’t Have A Name).” Aside from being an Oscar-nominated actor, Jeremy Renner (best known for roles in Hurt Locker and, more recently, The Avengers franchise) is a multi-talented musician, making his dance music debut on this one.

The collaborators performed the track live in Las Vegas during Life Is Beautiful Festival, building hype for its release through various Instagram posts from Renner. Released on Spinnin’ Records, the track is emotional at its core, with orchestral strings and mellow piano chords on the verses, and picks up into a powerful, staccato synth-lead drop (all encompassed by dreamy vocals from Renner). Feldt demonstrates an innovative mindset here, veering closer toward a future-pop sound with his production.

The music video is set to drop on October 11, days before Feldt will play back to back shows at ADE 2018.

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