AlunaGeorge releases six-track EP, ‘Champagne Eyes’Unnamed

AlunaGeorge releases six-track EP, ‘Champagne Eyes’

AlunaGeorge have released their first self-released EP entitled Champagne Eyes. The British duo made up of Aluna Francis and George Reid produced the whole release during time spent in New York City, where they made the focus of the EP to return to the sound that fueled their breakout release Body Music in 2013. Alluring, sexy beats partnered with lyrics that delve into sex, power, and the fluidity and complexity of identity have become AlunaGeorge’s trademark, further explored this time through each track on Champagne Eyes.

Featuring collaborations with R&B artists Cautious Clay and Bryson Tiller, the EP covers a dreamy swath of electronic and soulful sounds. It also sees the duo reconnect with Baauer on a track, after he remixed “Attracting Flies” off of their first album in 2014. Champagne Eyes serves as a welcome comeback for the duo as they explore their signature style in a new, more seasoned way.

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