SNBRN and Autograf’s collaboration is sonic brillianceSNBRN AUTOGRAF MOVE ALL NIGHT

SNBRN and Autograf’s collaboration is sonic brilliance

An Autograf and SNBRN collaboration has finally arrived. “Move All Night,” out now on Ultra Music, captivates from the beginning with its soothing introduction, framed by ethereal vocals and building piano notes. Right when the listener is about to fall into a calming sonic oblivion,  synth accents fall into a groovy and unexpected house melody.

SNBRN discussed the collaboration, noting,”Well it’s about damn time. After many years of touring and being homies I finally sat down and got in the studio with Autograf. Our vocalist on the track, KOLE, was amazing to work with and brought such another level to our concept.”

“Move All Night” blends the best of both SNBRN and Autograf, and it’s the perfect track to accompany the leaves turning and the weather cooling after festival season.

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