Track list and artwork for deadmau5’s ‘mau5ville: Level 2’ revealedMau5ville Level 2

Track list and artwork for deadmau5’s ‘mau5ville: Level 2’ revealed

The track list and album art for the anticipated and surefire mau5ville: Level 2 has leaked. From the two stills, Level 2 looks to house an array of original and meticulous works, tweaked, and polished to mau5trap perfection.

From the images alone, as one would expect, there are many similarities to mau5ville: Level 1. The nine-track EP is again a family affair, featuring mau5trap-represented artists and deadmau5 friends. Monstergetdown holds a feature and a full remix of the reoccurring track “GG,” attuned to Level 1‘s reoccurring track, “Monophobia,” which was hit by label mates ATTLAS, Latroit, and Rinzen. Another remix of “GG” can be spotted on the track list by Gallya, whose dark techno beats are more in tune with deadmau5’s Testpilot moniker, so it could be speculated that deadmau5 is going for a darker feel with Level 2. However, this could be contrasted by Chris Lorenzo‘s presence, who very originally remixed a classic deadmau5 track, “Raise Your Weapon.” Lorenzo seems to have been brought on board to remix the perhaps most anticipated track “No Drama.”

No Drama” features deadmau5’s fellow Canadian singer-songwriter, Lights. The track was briefly teased by the mau5 himself as he rendered an image on Twitch, much to commentators’ elation.

There’s a lot to take away and speculate from these two leaked stills, but when it comes to deadmau5’s influence, commitment, and creativity, there’s always so much there.

Track list and artwork for deadmau5’s ‘mau5ville: Level 2’ revealedJustincase2

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