W&W bring fans back to the early days of big room with ‘Rave Culture’Rave Culture

W&W bring fans back to the early days of big room with ‘Rave Culture’

W&W has heard a plea for the big room house that characterized the rise of EDM back before it exploded into the cultural phenomenon it is today. Their solution to this? A brand new track and record label that cultivates main stage culture. Both the release and the track itself are titled “Rave Culture.” As a label, Rave Culture builds on – and re-brands – the initial idea of main stage music, but with a stronger focus on creative freedom.

The Dutch duo commented on the release, saying “With our song ‘Rave Culture,’ we wanted to answer the call of many fans about making a song that went back to the golden era of big room, somewhere around 2012 and 2013. We took that sound and tried to create an updated version with today’s production standards.”

The track achieves the goal with its commanding big room synths and enough energy to get a crowd of thousands going. As W&W continues to select releases for their new label, fans can be sure that festival season will have a plethora of tracks to choose from for their main stage sets.

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